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A word about myself

ninu closeup

Just out of his teens and into the early twenties, Ninu has a very kind attitude towards other denizens of agon. He is often seen helping others when in need. Countless are the times when a kill is followed by a revive and a friendship is soon born. Although Ninu has been killed many times, and robbed dry from all his possessions, he usually is merciful towards his prey. This does not mean that justice is not served though. Ninu enforces the law of the sword against enemies of his family and will not back down from a fight. Even when all odds shine against his stars, he will stride forward and at the very least, give a nice fight. Ninu does not see his possessions as a means to and end, but as a means to interact in this wonderful world of Agon. It does hurt, however, when he loses that fine sword or that polished armor piece. He manufactures most of the stuff he wears and sometimes he will seek master craftsmen to trim his armor set that little extra edge. Ninu has residence in Neithstone reach and he is often seen fiddling around his home. Getting a little cottage was always his dream and finally it has came true. His next goal is to hire his own cocky goblin and setup shop in Neithstone reach. Currently he is doing all the market research talking to the folks that live in the area. Once the business model is finalised, he expects to have a fully fledged shop equipped with all the bells and whistles a traveller could ever imagine to find.

Money aside, Ninu's main hobby is travelling and exploring. Riding one of his fine steeds, he will go around for hours finding treasures of all sorts and taking mental pictures of the landscape. He does not like travelling at late hours because once he lost a steed to some creatures as he ran into them, blinded by the darkness of the night. The fishing pole is his other hobby when he has some free time. Fishing is a very relaxing activity and Ninu saw a lot of rising and setting suns casting shadows on his fishing pole. From experience though, fishing a pair of boots is a myth and has no foundation of truth. Ninu has visited many shores and lakes in Agon, caught every kind of catch, sailed on the finest ships and never, ever he has seen a glimpse of the legendary fished boots.

Great wars make heroes and heroes forge the destiny of a nation. Ninu is short of none when it comes to action and battle. He has partaken into mayor wars and minor skirmishes with the ferocity of a tiger and the swiftness of a bluetail. He has always been at the forefront to support his family members and the sword is his last resort. First and foremost he will make sure that his friends are properly healthy and prepared for battle. He finds it natural to keep a step back into battles, but when needed he will be seen swinging his greasword with the tenacity of a madman after losing his favourite cheese. Needless to say that this last stand is often followed by a heroic death but Ninu firmly believes in his grandpas' motto; "It's not how you fall but it's all about how you rise up again!" - Grandpa, Agonian year 15. Grandpa was a fine warrior but for Ninu it seems that the fall part happens more often than the rising action. Nevertheless Ninu sorts out his own escape mechanism and he is at peace with his conscience once again. One of the best sayings that makes Ninu feel "Prima" was the one that he coined only a few months ago;

"When riding, my awesomness overtakes me!" - Ninu Zahra, Agonian year 68

A word about the author

Anton Coming from Eve online and before that WOW, I discovered the world on Agon in August 2010 and merely after 3 days of my trial period, I ran off to the darkfall subscription page because it was clear that this awesome game was well worthed playing. During the first week I joined the very helpful clan called Ministry of Death (MOD) which owned Hammerdale. My real life friend also played in the same clan and I have very fond memories of that era. After about 3 months I took a break and during the christmas holidays I was into Wow cataclysm. This did not go too well though because just after 3 days I found myself bashing my head under the desk figuring out in how many ways wow could be uninstalled from the pc for ever. Pity I had already paid for the boxed expansion but at least no subscription has been setup. During all this time EVE online was also going through hard times with lag and stuff so I started playing Perpetuum, which is a nice little game indeed, similar to eve. This did not last much though, as by February my darkfall fire was kindled again with the introduction of the meditation system. This time I joined the Pain Killers clan and these were again wonderful people. During that time Agon was going through a server wide war against Sun and their allies. We had great fights but soon the novelty was wearing off. Sun was portrayed as the final nemesis and the source of all evil in Agon. They were criticised because they owned a large part of holdings and this gave them an unfair advantage in moving around Agon quicker than everyone else. They lost a couple of holdings but with the self sieging system, this all boiled down to a long dragged out war where no one could make a decisive move. This was perhaps the main issue for me to leave Darkfall again because, after all I had no problem with this Sun tribe. Before I left for a break I did make a new friend though called Looroll the Lightbringer. Then my subscription ended abpruptly and I did not even have time to say a proper farewell.

This wrong doing was quickly fixed though around June 2011 where, I joined the game again and applied to The Fremen Knights. Since then I am a full member of this clan, and very happy to have such wonderful people playing with me. Lately I have pretty much gone inactive in EVE and full time in Darkfall. I do plan to play eve in the future though, as historically the crash for eve comes upon me every 4 months or so. This summer I have reached an important milestone when I bought my own property in Agon and now I am striving to open my own shop. I am also planning my own next challenge, because I know too well that withought such self driven targets, I might soon lose interest in Darkfall.

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