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Chapter 21: When gallantry and knightship meet, thelightbringer is born.

Looroll thelightbringer The mahrim, which later I discovered was known by the name of Looroll theLightbringer, talked little but acted a lot. I saw him diving deep through his pockets and getting out a red sack. He fiddled through his safe and I could hear all kind of rattles and clucking while this red sack became larger by the minute. I was curious about his conduct but remained silent all along. When he was finished he said; "Here take this, then tell me how it goes."

I could not believe my eyes. The bag was full of swords and all types of armor. These were not normal swords however. A lot of them were infused with the rare veilron ingot and I found also a couple of the very expensive sixty sliced swords forged with theriyl ore. My beard tickled the ground as my jaw dropped to the floor. I was perplexed and astonished. Could this be true? Could this unknown being from another race be so kind to a lowly human. A common human scavenger that looked more like a hermit than like a healthy male. My jaw was still down on the floor when I got back to reality and the only thing I could say was "Thank you my friend. That is very very kind of you."

I felt so much obliged that I gave him one of my most valuable treasures. A set of amber sword and shield, beautifully wrapped in fine black velvet. I had found them inside a goblin grave, and they were inscribed with magic runes all over them. They were collectors' items, as I later discovered, and I was keeping them for bragging moments. Sometimes, to show off, I would wear them and walk around the city so that everyone could see them shining brighter than the blazing sun. Definitely Mr. Lightbringer was the proper man to possess such beauties. In a blink of an eye he returned with two gifts of his own though. He gave me a Christmas hat and a sugar candy, which I reserved for Christmas time!

adventures with looroll Looroll told me about tactics. He taught me skills I never dreamt of. He mentored me well through days and weeks on end. I was starting to see the world in a different light and it felt like an incarnation. Together we hunted menhirs around Aldan Enak, and sometimes even the hot fire elementals just west of the hamlet. It was very hard for me to endure the fire blasts and hot smoke when fighting these fiery beasts, but Looroll could take them down easily like slicing bread. We also visited the pirates north of Aldan Enak but this proved to be a very risky route. Here people in transit to Yssam would pass and we were always in great danger. When he was with me there was never an enemy who dared snatch upon us but when I was alone, I must admit that I bit the dust quite frequently. This does not mean that we lived and hunted only around Aldan Enak.

Sometimes, we would meet up at his city Dangamyr, central agon, where we would take off to harder adventures. Near this city we could kill the giant forest golem. This beast is made of wood and branches protruding out of his back. He is very resistant to sword slashes but Looroll had a neat trick hidden in his sleeve. He told me to cast fire balls at the forest golem and it paid off too well. Within minutes the forest golem would catch fire and reduced into ashes before he knew it. My magic tongue was not as good as Loorolls' but together we instantly vaporised the wooden golem.

my friend Choddy Chod It was here, in Dangmyr, that Looroll introduced me to one of his family members, Choddy Chod. Master craftsman Chodd, as he usually used to call him, was also very friendly to me and I used to buy his fine swords. Choddy was one of the very few people who could make a weapon lasts for a very long time. The skill he had was unmatched by even the finest dwarven weaponsmiths of the north and you could tell that you are wielding a Choddy Chod sword in your hands. The balance was immaculately perfect so with each blow dealt, the greatsword would quickly swing back into position ready for another thrust at your foe. Not only were his greatswords of optimum caliber, but he offered them at rock bottom prices as well. I used to buy the fifty sliced dawnrazors for just a little bit over one thousand coin, and the legendary justice bringers for two thousand five hundred gold coin. Once I could not resist warning him that if he goes on like this he would soon resort to bankrupcy. There was no way his economy was self sufficient because just the materials themselves cost much more than the end product. Clearly he was doing charity with me. I am sure Looroll dropped a good word for me and for this as well, I am eternally grateful to this fine friend.

We hunted a variety of other monsters but it was the shadow knight that I remember most. Looroll is so strong that he can take down a Shadow Knight all by himself. To put it into good perspective, when I tried to kill the same Shadow Knight by myself, I couldn't even scratch its' full plate armor. To make matters worse, the Shadow Knight sports a metal shield as well and he was easily blocking my blows. It was inconceivable to me how Looroll managed to easily kill this behemoth by himself, but I saw it with my own eyes. That night I felt very uneasy in my bed. Clearly I was miles off from becoming such a good knight myself.

learning to take my own pictures

riding with Looroll

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