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Chapter 25: The Fremen Knights BEST Knights

Mr Morph Norris The first knight that I talked to was Mr. Morph Norris. Mr. Norris is a handsome knight and he is often seen polishing his shining armor. Mr. Norris happened to be the chief in charge of new knight recruits so I had to acquaint myself with him first. I can't say that he did not test me thoroughly, but I do suspect he was a bit lenient with my request for knightship. It could be because I am a tall, good looking handsome man after all, but probably it was my friendship with Looroll that pulled some strings here and there. Anyway it was too important for me to be a part of looroll's family so I accepted his positive decreed with wide arms.

Sir Wolfen silva Now it was time to meet Sir Wolfen Silva. Sir Silva is the family elder and he is decorated with all types of medals and honors. He is always present in the family and as an overseer he does a great job. Sir Silva expressed his interest in me by asking some questions, and giving out some remarks. Once satisfied he unsheathed his great-greatsword and prepared for the ceremony. Towering above me like a fire dragon would look at an ant, Sir Silva mentioned me to kneel down before him. My vision left me and all i could see was black for a short while. Then as if by some magical earthen pull, I descended to my knees like a jar of molten selenetine ore. I remember feeling the cold blade touching both shoulders and the ritual words Sir Siva was reciting and then I remember cheers, lots of them, then everything fell silent.

Feeling Like a King Coming back to my senses, I noticed a burning sensation at my right arm. Then I saw Looroll looking at me, and Mr. Choddy by my side pouring water on what seemed to be like a bruise. Indeed I had been magically marked as a knight of The Fremen. The tatoo starts from my lower face and extends down to my right arm beautifully handmade by Choddy the tattoo maker. For a moment I was afraid but then it all came back to me. While unconscious I had been marked as part of this awesome family and that was a thing for life. I felt proud and belonged to. Now wherever I travelled I would show off my mark and fight in the name of my family. They told me that this mark brought with it some responsibilities as well, like fighting evil and protecting the weak. These formed part of my spirit anyway and I will certainly carry out these responsibilities well.

As a new recruit I was given the title of sergeant and a booty bag full of looties! It took me a whole morning to sift through all the stuff and sort them all out nicely in my bank. Once the gear was sorted, I asked Sir Silva for guidance and he quickly illuminated my mind with a path to glory. This path required a lot of sacrifices and hard work, but it was the key to success. The first step was to prune my skills with the bow. The bow should be like an extension of my left arm and my training targets were to be the Cairn Giants. Armed with a few hundred arrows, I rode towards the Cairn Giants wearing my shining dexterity ring.

Hunting Cairn Giants

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