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Chapter 26: Of riches and sea towers!

Mr. Norris Captain While I was getting pretty professional at archery, my family members were building a large fleet of ships at our naval shipyard in Vellenyth. These ships cost a lot of money and require a heap of materials. They are an essential asset when sailing uncharted waters, particularly those near the north and south sea towers.

Sea towers are a challenge across all Agon. Whoever manages to capture them takes both booties and bragging rights. The clan's name is displayed at the entrance of every city for everyone to see until the next challenge. If you recapture the seatower , which happened often with my family, you get to keep your name displayed for yet another period. The booty is often quite a hefty one and when we split it equally amongst us everyone is thrilled at the new riches. Sometimes it includes rare ores, ship modules and gold, lots of gold!

darkfall naval battles However, more than bounty, the sea towers are popular for the challenge and skill shown to win against other formidable opponents. We have seasoned sea captains in the clan and that is why we win against all odds more often than not. Sailing to the sea towers is a thrill in its own but when an enemy ship is in sight, the drill on the decks gets really frantic. We have persons who specialise in repairing the ship when taking damage and others as canoneers. I am specialised in both of these jobs so sometimes in dire needs, I have to do them both. Then we have special squads that prepare themselves for the boarding procedure. Just like pirates that take on other ships, these deadly buccaneers invade the enemy ship from all direction, leaving nothing to chance. Their first target is the enemy captain, because once he is dead the ship stops moving and we can ferry along with our ship. Then they move to kill all the survivors which most of the time try to flee in a cowardly manner. Most of the fights end up in water with us shooting arrows at the enemy until they are all dead.

sea fortress Saying that we always win would do no justice to history because there were times where we got overwhelmed by a large enemy force. In this case we would try our best to navigate out of their reach and hope that they turn around and stop chasing us.

I remember once where we were victorious in battle but lost the overall war. We had already won a sea battle against a pinnacle with our junk, and were sailing at a second enemy ship when suddenly a third one appeared on our flanks. Both these ships were allied against us so we had little chance against them. We fought bravely and went down like heroes, but we took some of the enemy down with us. Needless to say though, that we lost everything including the ships in this encounter. This is the perfect thing about sea towers. When fighting an enemy ship we do not have to destroy it, but instead we board it and take it as our own, increasing our massive fleet of ships!

As a precautionary rule though, I would not recommend sailors that get sea sick to take part in such adventures. This could be a detriment to their health and possibly mental fitness.

preparing for sea fortress

burning glory sea tower

capturing an enemy launch

North sea tower

South sea tower

Sea tower bragging

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Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36