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Chapter 28: Could it be that finally...

chaos chest Since all my life in Agon, I have been saving coin to two main reasons. The first being gear and weapons. As harsh as life in Agon can be, you definitely need many weapons of good quality. This was largely catered for as I could craft a lot of my stuff and buy weapons from the family at bargain prices.

The second reason was owning my own little house somewhere in this world. I wanted to have a place that I can call home, and go there when I need to rest. Buying my own house has always been a dream for me but it required gold coin, massive amounts of it. During all my time saving I had saved up one hundred thousand gold coins which I kept jealaously in my safe. I owned some assets as well but it was nothing spectacular. As much as a hundred thousand could sound, it was not enough to buy even the smallest of properties. So I kept on saving for that day.

I kept a close eye on the housing market in Agon, and houses were traded for over three hundred thousand gold. It all depends on the location, type of house and accessories but it was very hard to get lower than that. This was a problem for me because it meant that I was merely a third towards my goal. Having my own house was a dream and unless I saved more it was going to stay just a dream. Now that I was killing Cairn giants I was making more buck per hour and those sweet quadruple runestone drops made me reach my goal faster. Cairn is a lawless area but on the whole it's not that I got ganked too much there. We had enemies living south of Izkand in Tenaland but they were almost always asleep. Sometimes they raided izkand and when that happened we attacked back big time. We had a nice time killing each other but I still needed cash, liquid cash so that someday I would buy my little house.

One fine day a family member, Vlad Drax, told me that he was thinking about selling his house. This was located in watergem, northmost part of Yssam continent. Vlad wanted just two hundred thousand gold coins for the house, which was a very good bargain. He told me that if I could buy a silverbirch I could have the house for less but no one was selling a silver birch. After a couple of days thinking about this opportunity I decided to decline Vlad's offer and continue on saving. I did not want a house at the end of the world, secluded from all the known civilisation and hard to reach.

Weeks passed by, and I kept on saving hard towards my goal. I was living around vellenyth at that time and on my free time I was going around the wolflands looking for solo kills. I love wolflands because it is like Autumn all year long. The fall colored trees cast soft shadows on the yellowish grass while foxes and deer are seen running around the landscape. By now I knew the wolflands like the back of my hand with all the creatures that lived around these areas and while I was scouting around, another family member Koreander Stoner was talking to all that he had to sell out his house located in Neithstone reach...

maybe my future town

Neithstone Reach

Next Chapter 29: The house deal.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36