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Chapter 31: A trip the the Mino lands.

xaar attacks me The horns of Agon has been sounded and the clan called all hands on deck to bind to the clanstone of Izkand. Our capital city was being raided again and we need everyone to help in the defense of Izkand. As rightly put by our family elder Wolfen Silva, "We fight as one, we lose as one and we win over the many!".

The island of cairn is a very rich area where my favourite hunting grounds are normally those inhabited by cairn giants. This day however I wanted a change and made up my mind to try my luck at the minotaur island. This rather narrow and long island just east of Simirian, hosts 2 groups of minotaur creatures. Sometimes you can encounter Minotaur shamans but mostly it is the Brutes that you will find. Both of these creatures are capable to cast magic, but the shamans specialise most in this area. The Brutes, with their berserk attitude will mostly charge forward halberd raised and slash blindly at you. This time, however, I was not only meant to meet the shamans. Lurking around was another person from another family that happened to be resting his tired legs around a corner. When I arrived I started smashing at the shamans and he must have heard the groaning of my target and sneaked up on me. Within seconds the whole area was a total mess, two shamans dead, my own body gasping for air and this person half health preparing for his finishing move. Waking back up at my Bindstone in Izkand I felt the bitter taste in my mouth, the taste of deception and defeat. I tended to my injuries and prepared a new set of armor, weapons, arrows and magical reagents. I had a couple of duels in the city of Izkand while watching the sun going down.

sneaking up on enemy Deep at night I felt that now would be my best bet for a revenge upon that vicious murderer that attacks people getting rid of brutal monsters. Swiftly and deadly off I went, riding into the shadows to the Mino lands hoping that this dude would be still there. To my luck, when approaching the island I heard all types of screams and grunts. Sneaking up from behind, I checked and to my delight it was the same person. Apparently he had my same idea and he was working hard at it. As I was going to approach within fighting quarters I saw him mount up and disappear in the distance. Without blowing my cover I decided to wait patiently hidden on the spot. Five minutes had passed and still nothing, ten minutes and I was beginning to feel impatient. I decided to go around the island and check it thoroughly, when suddenly I heard the whispering of wind pushing some kind of sail. In fact it was a small raft sailed by this same murderer, approaching swiftly the shores. I jumped back behind some rocks and saw him packing up his raft on the shore not very much far off. I felt a surge in me and my muscles tensed. As I was going to jump out of cover I hesitated. Something was wrong with me! I couldn't do that. He was naked and what glory is there in killing a helpless citizen. I was far better than that so I decided to make him taste his own medicine.

I heard him applying protective spells on himself, then fighting started. By the sounds of it the first minotaur was already hitting the floor and my fiend was working through the second one. I knew that this was the perfect time. Weapon in hand and staff ready to be used, I dashed forward and murmured perfectly my first spell. My foe was blinded and he ran into the first room that he found. I followed closely slashing on his back while he parried desperately and managed to run out again. Eyes full of rage, I ran out but, in the moment I mistook the second minotaur to my foe. The minotaur had eaten some 3 instant spells when I realised my wrong doings. This time window was enough for my enemy to clear out his mind and from predator I became the prey. Without going into much gory details, soon history repeated itself and I tasted the blade up my throat one more time.

deserving my second gank Within minutes this enemy contacted me and told me I had been decapitated. In fact I felt like a sore throat after waking up and this must have been the cause. He was telling me that he respected my tenacity and his intention was to revive me. From sad my feeling descended to terrible. His second message was more comfortable as he offered my stuff back. I could not turn a person down, even if he is an ex-murderer or a reformed petty criminal. We agreed to meet in the shady city of Simirian. He was travelling from far away on his raft and while sailing we exchanged some arguments. It turned up that he truly gave my stuff back because as he put it out blunt, he could not afford to have many enemies in cairn. After all he was not such a bad guy, and we said our farewell. Perhaps tomorrow we will join adventures and try our luck killing some monsters together. Who knows what tomorrow might entail. I will sleep tight tonight dreaming of large riches and deep pockets full of coin.

He confessed that the first time he killed me he actually did it out of despair to defend his rather large booty. Today I have made friends with Xaar and he is as honorable as he claims. I am also making some good coin with him as my partner adventurer!

deserving my second gank

Next Chapter 32: A peculiar situation.

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