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Chapter 32: A peculiar situation.

I got company That night I visited my home and settled some bills with the land owner. Once there I had also tried to capture the village control point. Capturing a village control point is a long and laborious task and at the end you can hardly move your arms. Nonetheless I prepared my bulky siege hammer for the sole purpose of marking my family's name on the village stone.

When I arrived at the stone, I had a surprise this time. A slim lady was there before me and for a second we both had the same thought. Weapon in hand and ready for action we moved slowly towards each other until at one time, we both stopped. This girl was from an enemy family all right, but she was not an evil player. I could say that she worked hard to stay aligned with the good side of agon. Myself I am also aligned towards the best people, and if we attacked each other, then we would both lose reputation of the righteous. It was a tie, and no one wanted to start the fight, so after some time we talked to each other and decided to settle the issue in a chivalry way. We agreed that we will both damage the stone at the same time and who gets the last hit will get the booty. The agreement appealed to me as it did for her and we were ready to start when we both heard a strange noise.

Turning around she was already gone, off hunting what we thought to be another creature lurking in the shadow. I went off looking in the other direction. As comically as destiny plays its' role sometimes, this said danger was not on my side, but on her side and from the first blows I suddenly deducted that it was a Mahrim denizen. When I arrived on the crime scene, she was already sinking her sharp blade into this innocent wolfman, that by the looks of it appeared to be passing by.

Raven wolf leading us "NO" I shouted. "WAIT", but nothing. She was too fast with her doings and this mahrim male was soon no more. What a disaster I could not prevent! Shame on me I thought. That enemy was no one less than one of my brothers!! It was Raven Wolf, cunning as a wolf he had sneaked up on the village trying to go for the bounty and not realising I was already there!

I was furious at her. This woman from the family called Lux Arcana should know better! She killed a person of my own kin and she must be ashamed of herself. She noticed my anger and she apologised quickly. She claimed that she was afraid we were setting her up and defended her life with aggression. "What did you think I am?" I asked her. We were on the verge of an all out fight for quite some time but then we proceeded on to the village stone.

At the end she got the last hit, and although she did not really deserve it, I kept my word and gave her the booty. In turn she gave me my brother's stuff and I recalled to my capital city. Once there I contacted Raven to see what happened to him and, with hiccups in his voice, he told me a woman just jumped on him and he met the creators. His voice sounded funny and it was degenerating by the minute. He would tell me about creators and then about attractive females dancing in our village centre square. Then I reealised what happened. Raven wolf had been drinking again, and as you can deduct from this tale, being tipsy and fighting a nice woman do not produce a good end story!

Next Chapter 33: A very similar friend.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36