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Chapter 33: A very similar friend.

Erodach darkfall Living in Izkand is definitely profitable, but most of the creatures that lurk around are very dangerous. Case in point is the lucrative Shadow knight, or the shady Erodach. Both of these monsters live pretty close to our glorious capital city, but killing them by myself is something out of the question. Although I could ask my family members to help out, often I feel that my clumsy ass is lowering their gold per hour income. Almost all of them are strong and sturdy as an ox, swift as a night panther and deadly as a frostsabre. In simple man's terms they are too far above my lowly capabilities.

Matco Roll happened to be different from all of them. He is roughly my age, and more or less we are in the same raft. This morning it was too quiet in Izkand so I asked generally, not really expecting a reply, if someone would join me in my adventures. Matco quickly replied on the affirmative!

Sarlid dungeon Our adventure party was set. We decided to hit the sarlid dungeon where we could cash in 2 veirlon chest keys. I invited Matco to my splendid house and we both recalled there in a blink of an eye. My village was very quiet, as usual, and we set out under the soft shadows of the setting sun. On the way we did not encounter any perils and soon enough we jumped into the waterfall, swam through the underground tunnel and were arguing with the dungeon master on how many Sarlids we need to kill to squeeze out 2000 gold from him. We may not be very versed with the sword, but when it comes to dealing we surely shine. We managed to settle him on 25 ferocious Sarlids for his 2000 gold, each!

Happy with our fine deal, we ran down the creepy windy tunnels that lay between us and these said creatures. On the way we met skeletons and spiders but we ignored those. We saved our sharpened blades for the ultimate prize.

Sarlids were dying left and right around us. We opened a treasure chest each and were already loaded with a good amount of coin. Sometimes a pack of Sarlids would attack us at once but we braved them all. Clearly they were no match for us, let alone the two of us together, but they kept on coming. We appreciated their tenacity but none the less, we didn't spare anyone. At around the 20th kill, we were feeling very tired and dizzy. These sarlids can affect your perception a lot and their poison was having it's toll on us. We decided to get our last treasure and off we went out of the dungeon.

recalling home We were recalling out when a large Bone Knight approached, sniffing the air for what we thought human blood. Our heart sort of stopped and then it was beating like a trotting horse. After a lot of sniffing we realised that, as large and ugly as they may seem, they do not smell all too much. Even a badger would have smelled us from a mile away while this Bone Knight was just like 20 yards off us. We held tense and quiet while recalling to the city. The Bone Knight must have hit his head because he turned around and walked off nonchalantly.

We thought that the danger was over, but we were so much mistaken, that destiny soon casted it's fate on us. Just as we were happily putting all the stuff in the safe, out of no where a red enemy of our family popped out of no where and without warning. Torn between fighting and banking stuff, we got confused and he had the best on us. Soon we were lying on the floor in a blood pool as large as one of those lochs of south Scotland. We feebly called for help and help did indeed come along. This time it came in the form and shape of Mr. Bren Grosek.

Mighty Bren Grosek Mr. Grosek is hardly a man, but a cross between a panzer and a ferocious gargantula. His skin is as thick as a selentine golems' and his wits are always about him. He mainly wield a great axe and where he walks, you can feel the ground tremor under his feet. Just like a knight, in shining armor, he gave chase to our attacker in a blaze just north of Izkand. I rode north to join in the fight and when I did arrive Bren was already going through the foe at a nice pace. We were 3 against one but only Bren took fighting into close quarters. Matco was casting some stuff and I put out my sure bow. Just as this enemy was gasping for breath and his life candle about to extinguish, the unheard of happened. He had a very lucky jump and within seconds was fleeing east on his blue tail. I did zone in a couple of arrows on his mount, but was not enough to kill it. Bren was already on his six honing in for the kill.

The next fight happened at the Minotaur king where I joined at the last minute. The Mino king must have attacked our glorious friend because as I arrived Bren was on the floor and I had no time to tend his wounds. I got out my bow, snatched a couple of arrows right into the enemy's chest and soon enough we were sparing with swords. Although I took out a good chunk of his strength, soon I followed Bren's destiny.

Shadow Knight The three of us soon found ourselves naked and bloodily wounded at our clan stone. This was not the end of it though, but merely the start. We took some rest and within minutes were already fully reequipped. Mr. Grosek had to attend some personal business so me and Matco thought of doing the Erodach monster close to our city. None of us thought we could make it, but to our surprise we took him down quite nicely and fast that we decided we should stick together. After that we tried our luck at the Shadow Knight, but this time Matco just tended my wounds while I hacked through the monster like a Chinese making wontons. The Shadow Knight was no more and he had a small treasure map on him. A treasure map sounded rich, gave us confidence and we both ran as fast as we could to our city. The booty was safely stored in the safe and we set off to kill more monsters and become richer by the minute.

On Erodach's brother, or cousin, but they looked like twins to us, we were not so lucky. Erodach was no problem for us but this time we had two soldiers of Malice family hitting us honorless and very cheaply. We put up a little fight but again, we bit the dust under their feet. This time though our glorious leader Sir Silva quickly dispatched a group to recoup our belongings. We followed these criminals to the village of Rhodenar where they quickly locked themselves in a house. Definitely they couldn't go any lower and when they finally got out of their hole, we had a great fight. Although I died a couple of times, the enemies were down before they knew it and me and Matco had our stuff back. Sir Silva organised a convoy back to Izkand and we rode proudly of our success. That will teach sneakers a good lesson for life, or indeed through death.

Wolfen Silva

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