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Chapter 34: The vast Rubiyat desert.

our hamlet of moherah My family's property list does not end with Izkand. Through old ties and political envoys, our family acquired the splendid hamlets of Vellenyth, Uqtu, Banagar and Moherah. Rumours are that Vellenyth is the oldest hamlet the fremen knights had, and the plan is that it will still be ours for ages to come. The hamlet of Uqtu is somewhat secluded in Niffilheim and there is nothing special to see there. Everywhere is dead frozen and you rarely meet anyone. Banagar is more to the centre of Agon, and it is surrounded by the lush green of the forest. Being centrally located, Banagar is a dangerous place to live because a lot of enemies visit it frequently. The hamlet of Moherah, found in the sub continent of Rubiyat is what takes us to today's story. A story reminiscent of deserts, Arabs and scorpion men.

Deserted just like a typical desert, Ruby is not a place to live in but rather survive. Here it never rains, or at least it never did when I was there, and the place is as arid as the backside of a bighorn. Despite it's in hospitability, Ruby is home to a vast number of dangerous creatures sought by the best fighters on Agon for the great riches they posses. Just north of Moherah the Khamset skeletons live in their own city. The weakest of them all are the slaves of Khamsets, which are simple footmen warrior of the Egyptian undead race. Their stronger siblings are the Child of Khamset, which are essentially mage skeletons. These do not offer much resistance either and are easily vanquished by a couple of strong blade slashes. Their lords however, the Hand of Khamsets are nothing to laugh at. At first sight they could be mistaken with the slave of khamsets but they are much stronger and take quite a while to kill. The best method I found is to wear a rather heavy armour and bring along my friend as a healer. I would go forward slashing relentlessly while Matco keeps me alive and tends to my wounds. Using this great tactic proved very successful and soon enough the Khamsets were fearing our team like a vampire fears garlic bread!

khamset city Further north to the Khamsets live a bone dragon called Exarch. This dragon, like all other dragons, is very fierce and would tear apart a sturdy man in seconds at close quarters. His only weakness is holy magic so the best tactic would be to shoot sacred missile at him. I did manage to kill one but it proved to be a very long and laborious task and the treasure he drops is not that good on the whole. Thus I moved on to the queen of the desert; the demon queen. This little spider could look nimble but in fact it is as deadly as the most fierce dragon. Her venom spit is as poisonous as it could get, and her venom sack is a rarity and a trophy many adventures seek. I did manage to kill a couple of demon queens and skinned one venom sack, which I added to my trophy collection.

There are other monsters worth mentioning like the fire scourges that live under the Symennak floating pyramid, but the real money is in the fire giant farming. These giants do not drop any gold coins at all, but they skin fire giant cinder which sells for 500 gold coins each. They come in as twins and they are very vulnerable to normal bow and arrow. It is important to buff yourself against fire but you can easily dodge their fireballs. Sometimes they skin for 6-8 fire giant cinder, and that potentially can net you the nice sum of 3000g each kill. This is not often the case though as sometimes they skin cheap shadow crests and you have to wait fifteen minutes until they call in reinforcements and a second pair come stomping at you.

bighorn herd

Bone Exarch

Demon Queen

khamset village

symmenak floating pyramid

Fire scourge

fighting fire giants

killing fire giants

darkfall fire giants

the vast ruby desert

Next Chapter 35: Helgrr the Dragon slayer.

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