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Chapter 35: Helgrr the Dragon slayer.

Helgrr the Dragonslayer For yet another day, the sun rose early in the morning and the day was fine, just like all the days before. Although it was still early morning, I could not resist the scorching sun, so I put on my studded leather chest and just a few pieces of metal armour. Despite the popular belief that shining armour reflects away the sun's rays, I can confirm that you do not want to be encased in metal armour when travelling in the desert. In fact the lighter your garments, the cooler you feel, relatively speaking of course.

I was not poor at all. In fact my vendor was working harder than a swarm of bees and sending gold my way every morning visit. Feeling somewhat special and important, I decided that today my feat was to double yesterday's income. During this time I was hunting mainly fire giants so logically I had to find more of them around the Ruby desert. I asked my family members about the matter and Helgrr was quick to reply that there lived a second group very close to Moherah, just to the North west. This group was much closer that the one I knew and I was perplexed how on Agon I did not notice them!

Armed to the teeth like Sinbad in his best years, I mounted my favourite horse and off I went galloping towards my adventure for the day. This group of giants was truly close by, as it was just after the blood archid den. The twin giants were patrolling the territory like two ferocious guard dogs and I was already getting excited about the hunt when, all of a sudden like a flash of blazing light, the air burned red hot and the sand below reflected the inferno above. The first to die was my beloved horse because it was wearing no armour protection and I toppled over and hit the ground. My arm was bleeding and it was hard to breathe properly. Then I heard a loud and terrifying screech above my head and remember no more.

Waking up naked at the bindstone I was perplexed about what had happened to me. Never in my life had I been killed without having the chance to look at my enemy in the face and giving a challenge. This morning I had been literally steamrolled over by an entity of gigantic proportion. I had to alert my family members so that they do not face my same destiny. My death was so painful and fierce that I told everyone about it so no one goes near these fire giants again. This area should be out of bounds to all living beings, except to our enemies of course.

Yaelin Thunderstorm The first sister to tend to my wounds was Helgrr. She did a good job and I was up on my feet again in no time. Then she explained that it was not the fire giant that killed me, but it was something that flies above the area and attacks anyone who enters his territory that ended my life. It was the dreadful Fire Dragon that lives west of Moherah in Mount Madhra. Wow even the description sent a shiver running down my spine and made me tremble with fear. "Oh well I'll never go there again then", I said. "Pity I will not pick up all my belongings that I left near the fire giants", I thought, but that is the price I have to pay for being so daring. "We can go and retrieve your stuff", Helgrr replied. "What?, How? , why?", I cried out loud. "What about the fire giants?, and the Dragon!, the fire dragon that killed me in 2 seconds". "That's ok" she said, "We will just kill him too".

This was too much for my senses so I ran off fetching a thermometer for Helgrr. She surely must have fever I thought. When I returned, hands shaking holding a rather large thermometer, I found Helgrr preparing for the expedition. During my absence she had already summoned more fine fremen knights and the group was just waiting for me. "Are you ready to go?, Have you recovered from the shock?" Helgrr said. Ok that was too much for me. I fainted!

When I opened my eyes again I found them all staring at me. "Can you stop sleeping and get going!" exclaimed Yaelin. Blue Nose was already into his third beer waiting for me to get ready and Helgrr told him to take the road of moderation and stop being a drunkard. He totally agreed and reached out for his fourth beer while Yaelin brought me a shield and a one handed sword. "Here", he said, "when the fire dragon attacks you, parry him with the shield." I had a trick and some friends now! It couldn't get any better so off I rode following Helgrr on the lead.

We arrived on the crime scene, quickly dismounted and gathered around Helgrr for the action plan. She instructed to apply each other with magic, particularly ranged haste and fire protections. We should keep together but not so close at all times and when she tells us we were to shoot as many arrows as we could to the dragon. We should also keep an eye on each other's health and tend to their injuries, or burns, when needed. Lastly she handed out some fine ice bows with an applied dragon slayer enchantment. The bow was as cold as Niffelheim's tundras, but the hot air made up for it too well.

Before knowing it, the Fire dragon hovering high above us, and like an eagle homing on it's prey, it dived down towards our group with dashing speed. Our team was far from unprepared however, and we replied with a barrage of arrows against the behemoth. Surely the dragon did not expect us to go on the offensive and with four giant wing flaps, it stopped mid-air and sent a fire breath against us. This time, however, I was more than ready and quickly switched out to the sword and board. The shield nearly melted in my hands, but anything behind it was more than safe. Now it was time for my revenge and I had to show this dragon my skills with the bow. We shot scores of arrows and the fire dragon was dying slowly every time it made a dive at us. By the evening, we were dead tired but the dragon was nearing it's end and just before sunset, it was no more. The ice bow was glowing red hot from action, and I mush have shot somewhere near 500 arrows in total on the fiery monster. My brothers and sister were just as tired as well and Helgrr went forward to the dragon's grave to claim the treasures. The dragon dropped a dragon key, and we made our way towards Mount Madhra to open the treasure chest. There we killed a dozen or so Serpentines and retrieved our prize.

In total we had about one hundred and twenty thousand gold coins, and later that evening Helgrr took the trouble of dividing the riches equally amongst us. That night I slept very well in my little cottage at Neithstone Reach. I dreamt about dragons, fire dragons, heroes and Helgrr the Dragonslayer!

darkfall hunting fire dragon

defeating fire dragon

killing fire dragon

Fire Dragon hovering

fire dragon grave

the fire dragon liar

killing serpentines

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