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Chapter 4: The town is in peril.

Anton the blacksmith Anton was very clear to me. He wanted a letter urgently delivered to an important person in the capital city of Sanguine, and he wanted some other petty tasks done. He wanted me to do some runs in the village itself and here I also met other high officials. I helped him in these little tasks and then made my mind to travel to my capital city. Checking my map Sanguine was directly north and there was a road leading to it. I decided to start my journey and this time I was armed to the teeth with a sword, a shield, a nice cuirass and some fine leather pants. For this journey I also wore a pair of good leather boots, partially worn, but well versed for the job. The road to Sanguine was deserted and in a matter of minutes I saw the white ray shooting up in the air. It must be the Sanguine bindstone I thought. Moving closer I was right and I was glad that I made it to Sanguine in one piece. My destination was deserted as well. There were only some city rats going about and the air felt dangerously silent. In the town center there was a trapdoor which appeared to lead to somewhere dangerous underground. Curiosity took the better of me and I peeped inside. The air stinked and in the depths I could hear scary noises. Quickly I turned back out into the safety of Sanguine.

Human capital Sanguine I handed in the letter and this opened up a number of title quests for me. I loved the idea of having my own title! Ninu the Strong, or Ninu the clever would suit me well. I accepted about 7 title quests and I was determined to blast through them. No feat is small in Agon, and the title quests are no exception. Reading through the fine print soon revealed that to achieve said titles, you need to kill an industrial amount of monsters. Sure enough titles are a nice thing to have, but killing 420 goblins is not a one minute job. The other title quests all required similar number of monsters slayed so I thought I would do these quests another day.

sanguine bridge I went around Sanguine and it is a beautiful city. The town center is quite wide. In the center you could find the safe on a short flight of steps. This is probably the main gathering place for travellers and citizens alike. Around the main square there are beautiful houses which probably belong to the rich higher class of agon. You can also find some shops, an arcanist and a city military commander. There is also a backdoor and a rope bridge that I discovered which leads to the north of Agon. I felt so lonely that I went back to talk to the other far away persons in Agon. Clearly I needed a family and within minutes I was into one. These new friends told me that they live in Hammerdale, a city south of Sanguine and I made haste there. On my way down some voice in my mind told me that progressing further, I would lose the 24hr protection. Why would I need a 24hr protection when I have these friends ready to die to protect me!

sanguine secret bridge

Onwards I went to Hammerdale.

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Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36