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Chapter 5: My new family.

They welcomed me nicely outside the city. One of them showed me how to get into the city without opening the gates. Wow I had a secret passage into the city now. A passage that I used all the time as the gates were kept always closed. Hammerdale was not really a big city. It was more like a small town with walls and keep in the middle. All my family members used to gather at their favourite meeting point; by the bank. This place was the only safe place in Agon. Whatever you put inside remained yours, while whatever you carried or wore, should be easily considered gone from the start. I had little to claim as my own, but these family members were very kind to me. They gave me bags full of armor, weapons and potions. The clan leader was known as Mr. Grafton, Asnar Grafton to be precise. He turned out to be such a nice guy and also helpful.

My new friends advised me to start using the greatsword through my quests. At first I did not like the idea of parting with my shield but then I experienced the overwhelming might of my new weapon. With my greatsword I would rush in with a special power attack, a spin with my whirlwind and finish them off with a couple of normal slashes. Using the greatsword needs a different approach as I would frequently need to take cover and heal up before another charge. When fighting I had another trick up my sleeve; food. I would cook my own food and eat all the time while fighting. Over time I noticed that I would eat less and my bread would serve me longer and longer. Today I only take in little bits to keep me refreshed and one loaf of bread would last for many minutes. To bake my loaves I needed wheat though, and this is another area where my family helped a great deal.

steed grass In Hammerdale we had our own farm field, where I would spend hours harvesting wheat and other herbs. Gathering flowers was second nature to me and some even claimed that it made you wise! To think about it I grew wiser by the day but it could be the good times spent with my family members. Gathering flowers also yielded the rare and sought after steedgrass. This special flower, when used with a magical whistle, would summon a fine steed. My own steed! When I found my first steedgrass I ran to the vendor to buy a magic whistle. Today I have a nice number of horses in my safe and when one of them is a bit sick, I quickly heal him up. All my steeds are robust and of a very fine race, and sometimes I sell them to other people for a profit. Most times people would prefer to buy the raw materials so that they could make their own horses with their name on them.

Julious Dreadking the master crafter My family members took me along with them in their adventures and frequently they advised me about Agon. We used to go riding together, around and sometimes we would attack other cities because they were our enemies. Although I could not do much as an armsman, I was valuable as a shaman. I used to keep on the back lines healing my friends and giving them special blessings. Sometimes I prayed over their almost dead bodies and they returned back to life. When I did this they were delighted. Most times however the enemy would kill me before I even knew it. It could be my slow reflexes or me being so weak, but this did not prevent me from going out again. These skirmishes did not limit themselves outside our fort. Often enough we had visits from these enemies and mostly it ended with me back to the bindstone. These bindstones are superb, because no matter how many times you die, you will only lose your stuff but keep your skills and abilities. By time I found out that these enemies are so rich, that they will not take my stuff, only my reagents. Even if they took everything, my family was giving me more stuff than I can possibly lose.

I grew to love this city especially when we defended it from the intruders. West to us there used to live a tribe of persons that did not talk our own language. The only communication they were able to do with us was through gestures. We never really understood their message so blood flowed abundantly in our encounters. Nowadays their home, Sandstone, is occupied by other people and these strange beings perished. We never saw them again and someone told me they went to live far away on another island at the edges of our known world. We had more neighbours that live in Khoshgar but these were friends to us. In fact they were actually allies to our family so they were welcomed into our city and we could go to theirs. We had adventures together and we also died on the same battlefield more than once. Their city Khoshgar was much larger than ours and there was a very dangerous moat around the city walls. The water was like poison and it made me feel sick every time I crossed it. This city is also located in a very arid land and you would not see a tree for miles around. I always liked Hammerdale more. In Hammerdale we also had a small pond where you could fish. Fishing is a very relaxing hobby and it also make you wiser. It could be the concentration or the focus you exert on the fishing rod! I caught a good number of fish from our little pond inside the walls, especially my favourite tasty lobster.

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Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36