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Chapter 8: Building stuff for my use.

bone armor set In Agon, there is something that everyone must be made aware of. The people can make their own clothes and weapons, and use them in combat. It is not like you make weapons for people smaller than you. Here you build stuff and use it some moments later. As advised by my family, I started off sewing cloth pieces, and when I made enough of them, I could do the special bone armor. This armor suit is best worn by armsmen who are partially mages. The bone-leather armor is flexible enough to grant you the ability to fight well and use the language of mages effectively. This armor is not expensive to build, and I often have a couple of sets ready in my safe for every eventuality. This armor is also a good start to get myself stronger as a fighter. Apart from sewing my own armor, I can also create my own potions, craft my own staves, forge my own swords, create my own jewellery pieces and build my own raft if I wanted to. A friend of mine took me on board of his own raft one time, and it felt so nice. We were free to go wherever we wanted, and the world felt ours! Now that I discovered all this, I used to spend a lot of time building stuff and the best of all was that I could do everything. Given enough effort I could build all the best armor in this world, but that could maybe come with time. In Agon there is also one other particular detail; every object would take damage while used and by time it will be so badly worn out that it would disappear. So people here need to continue making the stuff and there is a need for master craftsmen like myself.

My favourite staff is the blackbolt, and I make like a dozen each time I set myself on it. This metal staff is very useful to armsmen like me because it is fast and reliable. On the downside this staff does not provide a strong punch with offensive magic so I do not think it would be used by master mages. To build this staff all you need is some iron ingots, some snakeweed along with a few gold coins. Making these staves has made me feel like a master alchemist!

The downside with weapon smithing is that I never was able to make my own weapons in my life. The weapons I managed to craft are all very feeble to match my strong arms. I might be missing a secret recipe but no one seems to have an answer to this. This is not a big problem however because most of the monsters that I kill would yield my preferred weapons. Whenever I need a few greatswords I would go and raid the grey ork tribes and acquire the bounty. Maybe in the future I would be able to create my own swords, with my name written on them. I look forward to that day!

I also build my own scale armor which is both strong and flexible when running around. I prefer to have a whole set of this armor but there are people that like to mix and match different types. They look silly in my eyes but to each his own I bet. Sometimes I encountered people that had strange glows around their armor. They told me that it is like some magically enhanced pieces but I did not have the opportunity to test it myself. Once I saw a very mighty warrior that resembles more a demi-god than a fighter. He rode past me, so fast that I gulped with awe. He could also have been the son of a dragon for all I know.

plate armor set

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Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36