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Chapter 9: The grass is always greener on the other side of the pond.

My family owned the beautiful city of Hammerdale but we also owned a little hamlet on the other side of the world called Banagar. To go there I needed a special magic item called a shard. This blue little thing does not function by itself. You need to go at a portal gate (like a blue magic force) and you use it there. In a blink, you will find yourself at the other side far away from home with all the items you had less this shard. I guessed that to return back you need another special shard but I always rode back home.

copperdale When I stepped first into Banagar, the smell was different. Here there were more trees and the fields were lush with grass. Wildlife ran around and here were more resources to mine than in Hammerdale. North of this hamlet, I would go to the hills and find a lot of iron. I would spend hours mining and when my bags are full I would return to the safety in Banagar. I also discovered that here more enemies spotted me and the outcome was always the same. This did not discourage me a little bit. I kept in mind that the pickaxe gave me strength in my arms that no one could take away from me. By time mining iron and chopping wood became more like the medium to increase my strength, than an end in itself to acquire more stuff.

During my time in Banagar, I sometimes went up to dwarf lands and there, nestled inside mountain tops, I found a lot of dwarven cities. The views in the dwarflands are spectacular. In my journeys throughout all of Agon, this is the best place that I had ever visited. Here I encountered different monsters and also completed some of my other title quest. One particular place I remember well was a hobgoblin fort East of Maghnir. Here I would kill hobgoblins by the dozens every night, and they kept on calling their brethen to take me on. The more they brought, the more they fell!

dwarf lands In the Dwarf lands there seem to be less people than anywhere else in Agon. It could be the impassable terrain or the snowy mountains that discouraged people from venturing here. The resources are also abundant and I spent whole days undisturbed, gathering materials for my crafting industry. I met also some people here that were friendly and nice to me. In the high lands I discovered dungeons for the first time. These dungeons are located in secret places around Agon, and they would usually host a large number of monsters close to each other. Inside some dungeons I also found treasures and even harder monsters. The ill-equipped will never make it back when venturing into these dark places, but I was very clever. I always took my friends with me!

I was enjoying my time in Banagar but this was soon coming to an end. My older family members talked about politics and relations. They would tell tales of large alliances of other families, most of them not very friendly. Soon we would lose Banagar and after that Hammerdale. My good times were about to come to an abrupt end.

darkfall dungeon portal

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