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Tips and Tricks

Based on my own experience, I will try to talk you through your character development when starting Darkfall Online. I do not claim to be an expert (in fact I am pretty bad at df :) but this guide should server you well to avoid the pitfalls I went through, and provide a better experience in Darkfall.

Starting Out and PVE.

There are some divergent ideas about which race and gender is best for pvp in darkfall online. Some claim that Human females are best because of their small hitbox, other say alfars are best, while it is also true that orks get a 5% more damage when using axes. I believe it boils down to a matter of preferences. I am very happy with my human male and when play because I mirror myself in it. Some like playing female characters because they like to look at a nice bum in their mmo, and some would prefer the rugged horde side. Personally I really like mahrims because they look so mighty and the miridian because they remind me of Legolas from lord of the rings. I have nothing against dwarves, but they look too ugly for my taste. It might be the fact that I am a tall dude in real life, but I never stomach running around with a fat half human in a game!

My first advice is to get yourself into a good active clan. You get into a clan from day one. You do not go around soloing a hard game like df because chances are that you will have a hard time and quit. The fremen knights is my clan and they are recruiting at the moment. There are other very nice clans out there as well so just look in your racial channel for recruiting. Most clan will require nothing from you but being active. They will give you tons of stuff for free just to have another potential player.

My second advice is to use greatsword or greataxe. They have the best weapon reach and dps ratio for pvp. The other two weapons would be a staff (mostly a blackbolt) and a bow.

My third advice is to ask for stuff. Do not worry about it, darkfall players are so loaded with stuff that they will hand it out just to organise their banks. If no one wants to give you stuff, make sure you contact me (Ninu Zahra ingame) and I will give you starter bags and stuff I no longer use! Did I say the fremen knights are the best clan :)?

Exploring alfar lands

Ok, so now you have your nice looking avatar, and ready to roll out in the dangerous world of Agon ... armed to the teeth with a starter weapon! Ok, Agon might not start that dangerous after all. Nearby the starter cities there are towers that will kill any veteran that comes close to them, so staying within range is always a good idea. You will find some douche bags that will jump in front of you when fighting mobs to tag you as criminal and kill you. Just avoid these low-lifers. Just keep in mind that H is used to sit on the floor and regain stats. Spacebar is used to jump, and R to unsheathe your weapon. At this stage you must follow the short tutorial so you get accustomed to the game. Later on you can change all keybinds so do not worry if you find them strange.

Probably you will be fighting goblins at start. Just kill them with a sword and shield. Do not worry about the stuff, you will find tons of those in the mobs. Just kill, skin loot and repeat. Always skin mobs using a skinning knife and save the enchanting components because you will need them later on! You can trash all armor found in goblins except Cheese. Cheese is very expensive and it is used to make the best food in the game. Save cheese as your best treasure!

Once you do the first quests, you are ready to start with your title quests. Here is a guide that will help you through the quests that grant you a permanent bonus at the end. The idea is the do the first tier of each, and move onwards as you become better at the game.

This year (2011) Adventurine added the meditation system to he game, and this will speed up your character development by a great deal. Basically you make sure that you farm 3.5k gold everyday, and meditate stats when offline. For the moment leave magic and focus on getting 75 in all the stats. Infact 75 is the 'magic number' as it is like the entry level between a new player and a seasoned one.

You should also get lesser magic and greater magic to 50 so you can start up your magic schools. I would just get witchcraft to 75 and get witches brew. With Stamina to Health, witches brew and heal self, you have the 3 healing spells in game. I would also get fire, air and earth magic to around 50 when you can get some basic buffs.

Killing the Demon!

The first focus should be on getting Mastery in greatsword or greataxe. You just do the title quests and melee stuff. Very soon you will get weapon mastery and then you should focus on getting perfect archery skills. Archery is one of the best methods to pve in the game (besides knives) because basically you can kite mobs while taking them down. While using archery you just have to learn how to strife sideways, and you just kill mobs. I would suggest that you keep on to bows until you get perfect archery skills (nick named robin hood) and then focus on magic.

By this time, you can take most hard mobs solo with the bow (I solo cairn giants and raven officers) and can duo most hard mobs (like Erodachs, dragons and golems) and you will be making epic money. With this money just meditate and within a few months you will be a good team player.

Messing around in PVP.

Ok so you have just started playing and really hating getting jumped on! You are normally killing mobs when out of no where there comes the odd red player that will wipe the floor with your fragile body. You feel weak, suppressed but you are full of anger. your eyes are blazing red and your blood is boiling at 200 degrees. Despair not however, the following are some little tricks you can use to take your revenge and vent your anger on the same red players that love killing you mercilessly.

Tip Number 1
Team up.
There is no need to go alone and when teaming up you increase the odds of killing mobs successfully. When teaming up for pve you will learn how to heal your mate when in trouble and when you need to defend yourself and going shield and sword. Also being two make you les prone to red attacks (pro players will roll over you even if you are 10 newbies) because they will think about it twice. If you get jumped on you have that little chance of turning a defeat into a sweet victory if you work well in pairs. Once Matco and me got jumped over by a veteran player way above our level. We fought it out smart and healed each other so well that at the end he ran off. We turned to the offensive and chased him around killing his mount. Unfortunately he had a second mount and managed to escape with great luck. We still talk about this adventure to this day!

Tip number 2
Offence is your best weapon.
When you are very new your best targets would be mining players. Most times they will be wearing few or no armor and you can easily sneak up on them to kill them. Always hit them in the back and quickly they will be dead! Your bounty will be their mined ore, which sometimes it includes rare ores.

Later on your targets will be other players while killing mobs. If you wait at the right moments you can kill even vets easily. Always sneak up on them slowly and attack when they are half health or lower. You can get very nice gear like this while you are only risking pvp scrap gear.

The Fremen Knights taking over Andruk

Tip number 3
Group pvp.
You will find out that group pvp is very nice and at first you can just stay as support. Just keep at the back and heal your friends. In time you will add Come hither, wall of force and blinds to your support arsenal while your mates go forward to kill the enemies. As support you also revive your mates and gank enemies in battle. You never combat loot and leave that to the officers in the clan.

Tip number 4
Calculating risk.
You do not necessarily need the best gear for pvp. Granted that the best gear will give you the best odds to succeed, but most time it will be just a slight increase in benefit s opposed to a large increase in cost. A good player in full plate parts will beat a bad player in dragon armor any day. Also 2 players in scrap gear have a good chance to bear an equally skilled player in dragon armor. I pvp in one less quality gear than my best gear. For example my siege bags are infernal so I pvp and pve in full plate. When one time I maybe be rich enough to afford dragon armor, then probably my pvp gear will be infernal. You also need a r50 bow as minimum to pvp and a r50 greatsword. These can be both obtained from Raven Officers if you are too poor to buy them. A black bolt or a cobra staff (for the richer people) is also needed.

Tip number 5
Decide on your play style.
Most of the people in df go the hybrid route. This involves wearing some full plate armor mixed with bone and studded leather pieces. Your magic encumbrance should be around 29 for this style of play. Your range will be mostly spells (exploding charge and fireball) archery for medium range and melee for close quarters. My gear will consist of the following:

Bloodcrafted Full plate helm with feather enchant
Studded leather chest with stamina efficiency enchant
Full plate Shoulders
Full plate pants
Bone vambracers
Bone elbow guards
Full plate gauntlets
Full plate boots
Bone greaves
Bone girdle

If you are starting out you can use the same bone pieces and replace the full plate parts with chain or better.

I do not have experience with other play styles so I will not talk about mage killer or destroyer specs. So what are you waiting, just go out there and try out your luck. That's how you should experience darkfall and I assure you the nice moments will be well worthed the hundred times you die!

Yaelin thunderstorm sunbathing on the way to the seatowers

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