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A guide to Title Quests in Darkfall

This is a collection of information I have found on several different sites. Some of these tips are from my own experience so I'd reccomend you use them at your own risks :)

Strength Title Quests

Part 1 - "The Brawny"
Quest: Kill 200 Goblin Scouts, 100 Goblin Fighters, 20 Goblin Shamans
+2 Strength Bonus when title is active
Rank 40 Greatsword
Rank 40 Polearm
5 Major Health Potions
2k Gold

(Notes: To kill goblins just go to quiet island east of hammerdale.)

Part 2 - "The Muscular"
Quest: Kill 200 trolls, 10 troll lords
plate shoulders,
R40 polearm,
R40 greatsword,
5 major health pots
2k gold

(Notes: I killed trolls south east of copperdale but there are some also north west of hammerdale. Troll lords are just west of hammerdale very near, and you can killthem best using fire magic. Just dodge their green split and take them out one by one. You can engage the last bit with melee but keep in mind they hit hard and put a debuff on you. Using Infliction ward helped me also.)

Part 3 - "The Strong"
Quest: 200 Hobgoblins and 10 Golems
R50 guisarme (polearm)
R50 Dawnrazor (2h sword?)
A plate helmet
3k gold

(Notes: Killing 200 Hobgoblin is actually fun and quite profitable. These hobgoblins are very easy to kill with melee but you can train archery on them as well. This quest goes fast because these come in packs of 5 and respawn quick so just eat food, kill, skin and the next spawn pops. I found it best to kill them in full banded armor. I killed Hobgoblins just east of Maghnir in dwarflands there is a quiet area there. Killing the 10 Golems is duable as well solo if you plan everything right.I killed 10 basalt very north of Banagar in dwarflands. The Basalt Golems shoot strong magic but the trick is to just go into melee as fast as possible. Sometimes you can hide around the corner, healup and then go in again. With a friend they are very easy )

Vitality Title Quests

Part 1 - "The Stout"
Quest: Kill 200 Kobold Scroungers, 200 Kobold Scrappers, 20 Kobold Raiders
+2 Vitality Bonus when title is active
Rank 40 One handed Axe
Rank 40 One handed Mace
5 Major Health Potions
2k Gold

(Notes: Southwest of hammerdale nice spawn there)

Part 2 - "The Hardy"
Quest: Kill 300 Skeletons, 10 Bone Knights and 10 Giant Skeletons.
+4 Vitality bonus when title is active
2 One handed Axes
1 MAce
1 Shield
2.5k gold

(Notes: This quest is best done with part 1 of Dexterity quest You can kill the giant skeletons using fire magic. The ones i killed were just North west of Lainstone village)

Part 3 - "The Tough" ]
Quest: Kill 200 Revenants and 10 oaklords
+6 Vitality bonus when title is active
Anathema axe
Cudgel Mace
Plate Chest
3k gold

(Notes: I have only done the Oaklords till now. These are remarkably easier than the golems, but they spawn in couples. They sometimes shoot a very damaging acid bolt and they also cast acid showers. I'd say taking a friend along is required to kill them. I am still looking for a good spot for revenants because those north west of banagar are insanely hard. When you have like 75+ stats you can solo oaklords pretty easy with melee. You can also chose which revenants to kill. For a start you can do the hawk and leopard and jackal revenants, and the wolf revenants for the more hardy warriors.)

Quickness Title Quests

Part 1 - "The Quick"
Quest: Kill 200 Akathars
+2 Quickness Bonus when title is active
Rank 40 One handed sword
Rank 40 Daggers
5 Major Health Potions
2k Gold

(Notes: There is a spawn north of Khoshgar but I did not try it as I hear lots of pvp stories about that area. Instead I went to a spawn in the tribelands and the plan was to bind to the Chaos city of Hintenfau. The plan worked out brilliantly tragic so I found a nice spawn in the dwarf lands, west of Maghnir. During my time in dwarflands I was only ganked twice (which for a 4 day period is a record to me). Akathars are a good mob to farm as they drop reagents, gold and are realyl stupid. They seem to aim backwards and even when you stand up before them looting and skinning, they shoot you and then walk away. Sometimes windlords spawn with them but nothing difficult. Akathars are vulnerable to cold and arcane damage.)

Part 2 - "The Fleet"
Quest: Quest: Kill 100 Windlords
+4 Quickness Bonus when title is active
3k Gold

(Notes: I killed the Windlords just northeast of banagar there is a quiet spawn of 2 there. These drop good reagents and easy to kill in chain armor. Also they spawn fast so it goes on fine. Buff yourself air protection with them)

Part 3 - The Swift
Quest: Quest: Kill 50 Raven Standard Hobgoblins
+6 Quickness Bonus when title is active
Spiked Bow
350 arrows
Armor Plate Shoulders
3k Gold

You can kill either raven veterans or raven officers. The veterans are easier to kill and you can find spawns of 4. The raven officers are much harder and normally I just use a bow to kill them. They keep at range and do not hit that hard at range. Officers are also vulnerable to air magic and they drop nice stuff, like an r50 bow every kill, full plate stuff and sometimes R50 swords.

Dexterity Title Quests

Part 1 - "The Limber"
Quest: Kill 200 Skeleton Archers and 20 Deadeyes.
+2 Dexterity Bonus when title is active
2k Gold
Rank 40 Bow
5 Major Stamina Potions
200 arrows

(Notes: This quest is best done with Part 2 vitality quest. I have farmed the skeleton archers north east of banagar in a quiet spawn. You can easily take down the deadeyes with a simple trick I only discovered late during the quest. Go to hammerdale and then head north east and place yourself ontop of a little hill exactly at 4'32" 26'37. From the top of this hill just face north and you will see crypt guards and deadeyes spawning. You can just rush down on deadeyes when the partolling crypt guards are away, kill them, loot them and back on the hill to drop aggro. Fast and Easy to kill 20 then :)

Part 2 - "The Agile"
Quest: Kill 100 Centaurs, 10 Lizardmen.
+4 Dex,
Plate Shoulders,
R40 Bow,
2.5k Gold

(Notes: I have tried doing these centaurs east of chillbourne but watchout because there are a lot of sibera pkérs. Then I went just east of banagar where there are 2 good spawns very close to each other. The centaurs will try to shoot arrows if they are at range and do little dps, but keep in mind that 3 of them may kill you quickly. I found it best to just rush them with melee and then as soon as one spawn kill him with melee. Sometimes Centaur chieftains will spawn and these are harder then the rest. Take these one by one only. Sometimes these mobs will drop double steedgrass which is very nice. I think I got like 6 while doign the quest. The lizardmen are very easy but keep an eye out because sometimes nalaed wil spawn with them and they are dangerous. You can kill the lizardmen north of Lainstone (close to Banagar) or east of Heart Of Eanna)

Part 3 - "The Dexterous"
Quest: Quest: Kill 50 Raptors
+6 Dexterity Bonus when title is active
Spiked Bow
350 arrows
Armor Plate Shoulders
3k Gold

Raptors are very easy with ranged dps but deadly at close quarters. The best tactic is to piercing debuff at range, then bow them down as they close in on you and melee the last bit. Take them one by one and try to keep at the edge of the aggro zone. Expect to die a lot until you learn the propper tactic.

Wisdom Title Quests

Part 1 - "The Thoughtful"
Quest: Turn in 200 Timber, 200 Iron Ore, 200 Stone, 200 Fish (Of 1 kind)
+2 Wisdom Bonus when title is active
5 Pickaxes
5 Woodaxes
50 Iron ingots

(Notes: pretty simple, just harvest those mats and deliver them.)

Part 2 - "The Knowledgeable"
Quest: Craft and turn in 200 Wood, 100 Iron Ingots, 200 Cooked Items (Of any kind.)
+4 Wisdom Bonus when title is active
2.5k Gold

(Notes: Keep in mind you need to make those mats yourself AND then deliver them.)

Part 3 - "The Wise"
Quest: Craft and turn in 2000 arrows, 50 chain items, 50 rapiers.
+6 Wisdom Bonus when title is active
3k Gold
Plate Helmet

(Notes: pretty simple, just harvest the mats, produce the items and deliver them. As a further tip, it's best to wait till you hit wisdom level 40 so you buy trueforge before starting crafting stuff. If you can wait till 50 wisdom to get also industry before making stuff, that is the best.)

Intelligence Title Quests

Part 1 - "The Clever" Quest: Kill 200 Zombies, 100 Zombie Warriors, 20 Dire Zombies
+2 Intelligence Bonus when title is active
Rank 40 staff
150 Bone
150 ash
2k gold

(Notes: I did all these west of copperdale. Keep an eye for ginger the griefer as he likes to camp that place.)

Part 2 - "The Sharp"
Quest: kill 100 elementals (of any kind).
+4 int Intelligence Bonus when title is active,
300 sulfur,
staff (diff per race),
2.5k gold

(Notes: Earth Elementals are weak to air and melee. Fire elementals go down very easy with icicle, the water magic bolt. Air elemental are weak to acid damage. I would stick with lesser fire elementals and just shoot icicle.)

Part 3 - "The Smart" Quest: Kill 10 deathless mages, 10 crypt guard, 10 gravelord, 10 black knights
+6 int Intelligence Bonus when title is active,
2 deer stick,
300 resin,
200 nacre,
3k gold

Deathless mage can be bowed down quite fast but you need to keep an eye on it's minions that will run to melee you.

Some FAQ I found in other threads:

Do title quest stat bonuses stack with buffs?

For the Wisdom Title Quests can I just buy the stuff I need to turn in?
For part one where you aren't buying anything that gets crafted (Timber, ore, stone and fish) yes, you can. The second and third parts of the quest chain require you to craft everything you are asked to turn in yourself.

How do I get my title to display?
You don't. Titles is a bit of a misnomer as there is no option to make your name display include the title you gained from a quest. Yet. Hopefully they will give you this option.

How do I activate my stat bonus?
Go into your journal, click on Achievements. Click on the icon of the buff you want and hit the button in the bottom center of that screen to activate/change it.

I'm red, how can I get the quests?
Party with someone who has the quests. Then they can type /partyofferall.

I'm red, how can I turn in the quests?
Either become blue or have a friend revive you after the tower/players kills you.

Do you have to fullfill the requirements all in sequence or you can take a break and do other stuff meanwhile completing the quest?
You can take a break and do other stuff. Be aware that you have to have everything on hand when you go to make turn ins for the Wisdom quests. Yes it's a slow walk to the Blacksmith, enjoy the terror that you'll be jumped at any second.

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